About Us

Carbon Pump Vanes is a company that gives true expertise and industry knowledge to our range of premium quality carbon pump vanes and pump filters. This knowledge has been built on a time line that goes back to 1986.

Our staff were involved at the very start of the introduction of dry running carbon and graphite vane technology into the vacuum pump and compressor industry, with direct experience through major OEM Brands including Becker, Elmo Rietschle and Busch. The replacement of older oil flooded units with new dry running carbon vane technology in the mid-late 1980’s became a revelation and our staff were there from the very start.

Our technical staff were the first to develop replacement OEM carbon vanes and introduce them to the UK market in the late 1980’s.

We have been at the forefront of this technology ever since. Developing and furthering the product range to a global and diverse customer base who work in a range of different industries. Gaining true applications knowledge along the way to support the development of our Carbon Vane product.

Our Carbon Vanes offer our customers a premium quality product at the lowest possible price, with thousands of products available for same day despatch…..globally!

CPV – The Hallmark of Quality and the name you can trust and backed by our full guarantee!