Replacement Air Filters For Vacuum Pumps

Efficient filtration is a core process in ensuring the work cycle of any pump. In most cases, as a pump
gets older, the levels of performance reduce, whether this is down to the wear of bearings, leaking seals and blocked filters or pump body wear.

There are various types of filters, which all alter depending on each pump type. Each manufacturer
such as DVP, Elmo Rietschle and Becker have their own air filters. At Carbon Pump Vanes, we stock a
huge range of filter elements to complement our pump vane range.

Why You Should Replace Your Vacuum Pump Air Filters

The air filters are a crucial part of the pump and are often neglected. Ideally the air filter cartridge should be changed when new vanes are installed to ensure efficient running of the pump.

All of our air filters are competitively priced so that ordering filters at the same time as your vacuum pump vanes is an easy choice. We supply replacement air filters that fit internally to your vacuum pump such as Becker Filter 909505, Mann Filter C1112/2 or externally such as Becker Filter 84040110.

Our air filters for vacuum pumps are designed to meet the highest OEM standards, and are matched perfectly to replace your Becker pump filters, Rietschle pump filters, Mann filters or your Busch pump air filters.

Find Out More About Our Vacuum Pump Air Filters

If you’re looking for high quality replacement air filters or vanes, you’ve come to the right place! Carbon Pump Vanes sell a wide range of products including Busch vanes, Elmo Rietschle vanes, DVP vanes, and Becker vanes.

For more information about any of our vacuum pump air filters, please get in touch with our team today. Give us a call on 0113 3670 999 or fill in our contact form here to discuss your requirements further with our team.


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