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Replacement Vacuum Pump Vanes For Heidelberg

Heidelberg are the leaders in the printing industry and have a variety of pumps on their machines to feed and deliver sheets of paper. If you are looking to replace vacuum pump vanes on your Heidelberg, Carbon Pump Vanes have a variety of products to help you.

We proudly offer a variety of replacement vanes for popular Heidelberg pumps including the KTA80, TA100, KTA140.

Our Durable Heidelberg Vanes

Our durable vanes are a high quality product within the printing and packaging industries and are purchased by printing companies and press engineers alike. Common and popular vanes for Heidelberg include part numbers 00.591.0011, M2.102.2021 and 91.102.2021.

Vanes are made to exacting standards that you would expect, to ensure your printing press is running optimally. We suggest that the air filters are changed when changing vanes as they are prone to become clogged with anti-set off spray powder. The filters are often overlooked and should be cleaned more regularly on a printing press than other environments.

Why Choose Our Replacement Heidelberg Pump Vanes

Simply put, our vanes are a cost effective solution. Having been tried and tested for many years in many applications including printing press vacuum pumps, you can fit our carbon vanes to your vacuum pump with confidence.

We supply many replacement products for Rietschle pumps on Heidelbergs, including Rietschle vacuum pump vanes and Elmo Rietschle filters, proven over many years to be both high quality and reliable.

You can rest assured that your replacement Heidelberg pump vanes will be shipped to you in a fast turnaround time. Most of our products can be dispatched the same day subject to our cut off time of GMT4:00pm, no matter where you are in the world. Our team will always ensure that you get the best price possible for all of our products!

Get In Touch

Carbon Pump Vanes sell a variety of carbon pump vane and filter products, including Elmo Rietschle vanes, DVP vanes, and Becker vanes. For further information about our Heidelberg pump vanes, please get in touch with our team today. Simply give us a call today on 0113 3670 999 or fill in our contact form here to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.


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