High Quality Durable Replacement Vanes for Becker Pump Vanes 90132500005 WN124-250

Suitable for Becker Pump Models : DXLF 200 , DXLF 2.200 , DXLF 250 , DXLF 2.250 , VXLF 200 , VXLF 2.200 , VXLF 250 , VXLF 2.250

SKU: CPV901325-05

Pack quantity :  5 vanes

Dimensions : 355mm  x  65mm x 5.3mm

Alternative codes : WN124-250 , 90132500005


Replacement Becker Pump Vanes 90132500005 WN124-250

One of the most worked parts of your Becker vacuum pump is the pump vane, which will need to be replaced more readily than other components. Our Becker carbon vanes are manufactured to exacting standards and manufactured from high-quality raw materials. This ensures outstanding performance when your Becker pump is in operation.

We have been supplying replacement Becker vacuum pump vanes for many years. Our customers include end users, engineers, re-sellers as well a host of blue-chip companies who are household names.

Why You Should Replace Your Vacuum Pump Air Filters When Replacing Vanes

Air filters are a crucial part of the pump and are often neglected. Ideally the air filter cartridge should be changed when new vanes are installed to ensure efficient running of the pump.

All of our air filters are competitively priced so that ordering filters at the same time as your vacuum pump vanes is an easy choice. We supply replacement air filters that fit internally to your vacuum pump such as Becker Filter 909505, Mann Filter C1112/2 or externally such as Becker Filter 84040110.